Monday, September 1, 2014

September TBR

September is going to be a tad bit different for me! I am starting the month at a new blog and new blogging site. I've finally made the switch from WordPress to Blogger. I will also be doing a theme for the month! Stephanie Plum is my favourite series ever. Unfortunately, I'm only on book 11 and there are 21 books out. I have decided I'm going to take most of September out (or until I finish the series) to catch up and read all of the books that I haven't read. I will be posting updates on Tumblr and Twitter with the hashtag #StephanieSeptember

In between some of these I'm also going to be reading library books and an ARC. If I feel like I need a break (doubt that'll happen let's be real) then I will and continue with the books in October. Once I finish a book, I will update the progress bars and write mini reviews for the books.

0/8 completed

Altogether, I would like to read 6,000 pages

0/6,000 completed