Tuesday, September 2, 2014

August Recap

On my WordPress, I would do a monthly favourite where I list the books I read that month and which was my favourite and why. I may mix it up a little, but I will still do my monthly post.

In August I had Bout of Books for a week, so I pushed myself to read a lot of books and more specifically, a lot of pages

Books read:

Altogether, I read 4923 pages

I would have to say that this month there is a tie for favourites. Anna and the French Kiss and Lola and the Boy Next Door win the honours this month. Both books are so adorable and fresh. They are different than most of what I've read of YA contemporary because the characters felt so real. My reviews for both of these books will be posted later this week so watch for both of those!

Night Film was also a great book that will stick with me for months. That probably would have been my favourite if Anna and Lola weren't read this month. It was creepy and exhilarating. Definitely a re-read.

This month I:
-This month I participated in Bout of Books. I found tons of new blogs and that is when I decided to switch my blog over to Blogger. I realized what I was missing out on when I wasn't using a self hosted WordPress. 
-I got a new job! I put in an application and within a week I was taking my drug test. I start this week and I couldn't be more excited.
-I made a new blog (obviously!) I'm enjoying myself so far and I've found the "honeymoon" phase of blogging has returned to me. I have so many plans for what I want to do with this blog and I've glad that I have ambition to do it.
-I started tracking how many pages I read a month/day/week/year all of it. For me, personally, it seems like a better indicator than books read. I mentioned a few days ago that I randomly will pick up new books to read them. When I do this, if I don't finish the book then I can't put it down for "read" on read-a-thons or monthly recaps like this. So I have now decided to make my goals pages related, which I mentioned in my September TBR yesterday

So, let's talk: How did you do in August? Bookish or non-bookish! What are your plans for September?