Friday, September 26, 2014

How The Internet Has Changed Me As A Reader

Before I made a Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and book blog; I just read. I read old ratty paperbacks that were older than my dad. I bought all of my books used and didn't think twice about it. I just did not think about how my books looked because I thought the only important thing was reading the book and enjoying it.

I realized when I got on Tumblr that it was different. I was different. I saw post after post about how it's a cardinal sin to dog ear books. (Which I do.) I saw people cringe at books in a series being a different edition (?? I was very confused by this.) I saw posts about how hardcovers are the end all be all for book lovers because they are "prettier", I saw people say that anyone that eats while eating are sloppy, post after post was saying that what I did was a cardinal sin.

I didn't know if I was reading all wrong this whole time or if it's just because these people are on the internet and showing pictures of their books all the time. When I first got into the book community, I didn't even know that was a thing.

I've changed because now I see that hardcover copies usually are a little nicer. Neat bookshelves usually are pretty nice. Eating while reading is sometimes a struggle (Even though I still do it.) Basically, I think twice before I do things with my books. Some things will never change, though. I'll always dog ear or highlight in books. I'll probably always snack while reading. And I'll probably still use MY books as coasters.

If I can still read the words in the book, I don't care what I do with the book. That will never change. But I have definitely felt a shift in how I look at books, especially at bookstores.

Has the internet changed you as a reader as well?