Thursday, October 2, 2014

September Recap

Books read this month:

Twitter review (140 characters or less):
This book was gripping, intense, and full of twists and turns. I was hooked from the first to the last page. A must read for everyone.

Read from August 30-September 1

Twitter review:
Swoon filled. My sexual tension is rising. Good plot. Extremely funny. Intense moments. Janet Evanovich does it again! (Ranger is still bae)

Read from September 1-September 5
Twitter review:
Ranger is forever my favourite male character after this book. I could not stop reading it. It's funny, intense, and sometimes really sad.

Read from September 6-September 7

Twitter review:
Dickie Orr was involved. I laughed until I cried and I was so nervous I could barely read. The more I read, the more I love Stephanie.

Read from September 7-September 13

Twitter review:
Why did it take me this long to read this book? I loved everything about it. The characters were real. The plot was intense. I couldn't get enough.

Read from September 13-September 19

Twitter review:
This book was adorable and made me feel so many different ways. I'm so glad I found this on Netgalley. Pick it up; you won't regret it.

Read from September 19-September 20

Twitter review:
I NEED a whole series devoted to an undercover cop. I didn't think it was possible to get better after In The Woods but it did. Read this!

Read from September 20-September 26

Tana French is quickly becoming an auto-buy author for me. I loved both books that I read by her and I'm already planning on reading Faithful Place in October. I have no doubt that the series gets stronger as it goes on and I'm so excited to see how it goes. I also really enjoyed reading more Stephanie Plum. I wanted to get further in the series, but I'm happy with my book choices that I made this month. I'm hoping that October brings just as many great books.

This month I:
  • Turned 21! 
  • Got a new phone (Galaxy s3)
  • Worked a ton
  • Watched my favourite baseball team win the central division
  • Went to a few baseball games
  • Bought tons of books
  • Found a new author
  • Bought new shoes
  • Getting closer to figuring out what I want to do with my life

So lets talk: How did you do in September? Did you find any new authors?